Yuval David | Quotes
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“What Would You Do?”

John Quinones

“Yuval is such an incredibly talented actor. His numerous appearances on “What Would You Do?” have showcased his amazing ability to create and explore characters and, make bold choices in improv. His lightning quick wit and kind nature make him a tremendous joy to work with!”

Paul Ruddy

CSA, casting director

“I have had the pleasure of casting Yuval in films and becoming his friend, which is easy to do. In describing Yuval, I use the adjectives handsome, funny, relatable, dynamic, intelligent, versatile, charming, enthusiastic, vulnerable, curious, compelling, likable, and appealing.”

Jill Salvino


“Directing Yuval is a treat, as he is committed to his craft and artistry, is thoughtful regarding his process and all those he works with, and he brings amazing intensity and high energy to support his craft.”

Allen Levin

Director, acting coach/instructor

“I like the word ‘Electric’ when referring to Yuval. He lights up the stage and screen with his presence. When he teaches and speaks, he inspires and motivates others to be the best they can be.Yuval, as an actor, is ‘you all’ - he dives deeply into his characters and gives them powerful life.”

Arthur Allan Seidelman

Directed Yuval in the film – The Awakening of Spring

“Yuval is an extraordinarily gifted young actor. He is intelligent, honest, committed and brave. He makes daring choices and executes them with total concentration and a thrilling absence of fear. He is a joy to work with and a pleasure to behold.”

Melora Hardin

Worked with Yuval as director/actor on the independent feature

``Yuval was a pleasure to work with on the film and brought sensitivity and passion to his character. He is wonderful at taking direction and is committed to bringing depth and honesty to his work.”

Ben Patrick Johnson

Actor/Author/Voice-Over Actor

“One of the most interesting things about Yuval David is how much of a challenge it is to pin him down. Voices, accents, whole characters seem to materialize spontaneously and possess him.

If it wasn’t so entertaining and delightful to watch, it might be a little distressing. But instead, it’s pure joy, whether Yuval is in front of the camera, or sitting in the living room trading funny stories during a cocktail party. “

Tim King

Producer, King Media Services

``Saying that Yuval David is entertaining to watch and listen to in the recording studio is an understatement. Yuval has great command of his voice with an extraordinary talent for accents and character voices. He is truly a strong actor -- that comes across in his voice acting. He comes in for voice work, always totally prepared, and is quick and easy to work with.``

Casting Director

Angela Campolla-Sanders

``Yuval David consistently impresses in auditions. He's a terrifically talented actor, always prepared and deeply focused.
I knew he would be perfect for the last role I cast him in. The director, writer and producers agreed. He was great in the role and a delight to work with. He brought incredible depth and sweet vulnerability to the character.
Getting to know him, I see how passionate he is about his craft and career. He has the talent and drive to go far in the business. All who work with him come to see this too. It would be a pleasure to work with him again.``

David M. Young


``Yuval David really does ``have it all.`` Clearly he's got the looks; but his level of emotional and physical sophistication is downright uncanny. There's no question he is certainly the most talented actor I've had the good fortune to work with.
Yuval's spot-on intuition allowed us to nail each take, affording me the extra time for creative exploration yet still stick to schedule.
And during setups, the laughter coming from the craft table told me the remaining cast and crew were getting to see the utterly charming side of this rising star. A minute later Yuval was back on set, completely and convincingly engulfed in his character's profound physical and emotional agony. An awesome talent indeed.
Yuval David is a writer/director's dream. I suspect that, like me, you'll find yourself thinking up roles and ways to take advantage of this young actor's seemingly limitless talents.``

Lisa Bensavage

Actress from the ``Deja Vu`` production at The Caldwell Theatre (South Florida)

``Yuval brings fun and vitality not only to the stage, but to those magical preparation moments before an entrance!``

Erin Scanlon


``Yuval is a very talented actor. I worked with him as the Juliet to his Romeo. He brings a joy to performing that envelopes all those who work with him. He is very professional and his honesty and humor made rehearsing with him both fun and intense. His understanding of movement and voice lended to great discussions that taught those around him about space and sound. In performance I felt supported and open with him on stage. If I had the chance, I would work with him again in a heartbeat!``