Yuval David Dukes it Out in Award-Winning Comedic Martial Arts Short, House of Fury

What happens when two cutthroat real estate agents clash over the same listing? A clash of epic proportions.

In Yuval David’s award-winning comedic martial arts short, House of Fury, Yuval and fellow lead Barbara Ellen Stuart play equally ruthless and hard-headed realtors who by happenstance end up showing the same listing to a couple, played by Sarah Kate Innes and Billy Brannigan.

Yuval’s character, Brendan Benson, a social media savvy Instagrammer uses his sex appeal, charm and smarts to push the listing, while Stuart plays Darcy Mitzak, a more traditional agent who has a number of tricks up her sleeves as well.

Both duke it out, pulling out all the stops, until a full-scale martial arts war erupts with karate chops, roundhouse kicks, axe kicks and tons of laughs, all within the confines of this glorious suburban home.

But the question remains…who will sell the home and reap the commission?

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“House of Fury”

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