Yuval David Uses Pranks to Entertain, Uplift and Inspire and Share Kindness

Yuval David is flipping the paradigm of using pranks on its head.

With ‘Pranks of Kindness,’ Yuval has employed the use of public pranks and improvisational situations to generate feelings of goodness, helping to make others feel good without the need for embarrassing them to do so.

‘Pranks of Kindness’ highlights various situations in which the artist and humanitarian bestows kindness on those he crosses on the streets of New York and Los Angeles through a number of gags. 

All of these public pranks are intended to spread happiness and promote joy and laughter, simply by doing nice things for other people, for no reason beyond that other than it being empowering.

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“Pranks of Kindness”

Produced: Yuval David

Directed: Yuval David

Editor: Evan Olson

Production Coordinator: Teresa Pellicano

Technical Coordinator: David Distinti

Location Producer: Justin Rodriguez

Camera Operators: Evan Olson, Christian Szokolay

Sound Recordists: Michael Wrabel, Justin Rodriguez

Production Services: Connecticut FilmWorks

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Special thanks to the wonderful random strangers who agreed to take part in the film!

Very special thanks to the skilled editor Evan Olson who collaborated with Yuval in editing the scenes to make this finished product!

Yuval David

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