Drought and Water Solutions in Israel — Environmentalism and Water Management

There is a Growing Need for Water Management and Solutions to Drought.  See what Israel is doing to remedy these environmental and global concerns.

Watch this documentary, hosted and directed by Yuval David, produced by JNF USA, the Jewish National Fund USA.

Follow Yuval as he travels around Israel with JNF USA and as he learns about the drought and overall scarcity of water.  Due to Israel’s clever water management, Israel still has water.  There are growing needs for more to be done.  

Israel is the number one country in water conservation and management.  It recycles more than 85% of its waste water.  (The number two country in recycling is Spain, which only recycles 17%.) 

There is much more to be done to combat the drought in Israel.  Throughout the process of water management, Israel shares its experience, research, and solutions with other nations combating global water issues and drought.This process is ongoing, and Israel needs your help.  Join the cause and support JNF USA in its initiative to solve the water issues.  For more on the water programs, go to or call 1.800.JNF.0099.

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“Drought and Water Solutions in Israel — JNF USA”

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