Yuval David Creates Bold and Daring New Approach to Guerrilla Filmmaking with his Unparalleled Film Series ‘One Actor Short’

Acclaimed New York content creator Yuval David continues to receive praise for his inventive and groundbreaking filmmaking concept, ‘One Actor Short,’ in which he unites narrative, documentary, and reality formats to create an unscripted episodic film series like none other.

His unique approach to guerrilla filmmaking showcases Yuval’s remarkable creativity. He steps into public areas on city streets and assembles a diverse cross-section of humanity, all strangers to him and each other, and casts them as actors in his film. He creates a safe space for them to be playful and spontaneous on camera.

Yuval begins each production day with a blank slate, not knowing what kind of film will be created, the genre, storyline, or who his actors will be. He does know that he is up for the challenge. He directs his film crew and each immediately found cast member through improvised scenes, bringing new characters to life, and eventually creating a film on the spot as the storyline is woven together.

This radically innovative and bold new series, which already includes three different short films, including a crime procedural drama, a romantic comedy, and a sports film – has become a film festival darling in recent months.

‘One Actor Short 1’ is a high stakes procedural crime drama. Like all great crime procedurals, it is full of mysterious and cryptic interactions with clandestine characters and high-paced action sequences.

The second in the series, ‘One Actor Short 2’ is a romantic comedy that focuses on a group of close friends and strangers helping Yuval’s character find new love through living his truth.

And the most recent, ‘One Actor Short 3’ is a sports film about Yuval’s character balancing personal struggles and competitive pursuits. The people he comes across guide him to the finish line or guide him astray.

Directed and produced by Yuval, ‘One Actor Short’ has been featured as an official selection and recognized as a winner in multiple international film festivals, including The Big Apple Film Festival, NYC Independent Film Festival, NewFilmmakers Film Festival, and Hollywood Just4Shorts film competition, Top Shorts Film Festival, Vegas CineFest International Film Festival, IndieFest,

Accolade Global Film Festival, Best Shorts Film Festival, New York Film Awards, Kosice International Film Festival, and Prague International Film Festival.

“Representing the diversity of people in my work happens naturally because I am representing the people who make up our society,” says Yuval. “I have a mission to entertain, uplift and inspire, which goes hand in hand with my mission to use art for social change, whether it’s through inclusivity of underrepresented communities in my work, or in the roles I portray or create for others.”

He continues and says “I love filmmaking, acting and directing. I want to share this experience with others. It is exciting and fun, and I want others to experience this, as well.”

All of his content can be located by visiting his YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/YuvalDavid.

For more on Yuval David, visit https://yuvaldavid.com, or his other social media channels at the following:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Yuval_David_ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YuvalDavid Twitter: https://twitter.com/YuvalDavid

IMDb: https://IMDB.me/YuvalDavid


One Actor Short – 1

One Actor Short – 2

One Actor Short – 3

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One Actor Short – 1

One Actor Short – 2

One Actor Short – 3

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