Yuval is a strong, soulful performer with depth cultivated from his beginnings as a formally trained and well-experienced stage actor. Directors and casting directors laud his style and range of performances in comedy and drama, along with his uncanny ability to replicate any accent.

His characters shine from a depth of personality, charm and talent. A highly motivated individual, he creates characters through his innate ability to reveal subtle nuance and bold emotion.

Critics and audiences have described his versatility as “chameleon-like.” He makes and art of portraying a gallery of characters, finding the uniqueness in each.  His observation of human life allows him to deeply penetrate each character. His wonderful reputation among his peers continues to flourish with each new role.

Moving effortlessly from widely varied characters, Yuval continues to illuminate the humanity and intelligence in transformative and challenging characters. His background and skill in improvisation and sketch comedy led him to boldly explore each role.  Yuval’s strong acting talent directs him towards playing engaging leading roles.

Yuval plays the romantic, good guy, charming, and the heroic, but also takes on challenging roles showing mean, angry, callous, edgy, bitter, malicious and dark characters. He also easily slips into off beat roles that are quirky, goofy, sly and strange.

Yuval began acting at a young age in theaters around Washington, D.C., a busy and impressive career that led him to theaters around the country and to Broadway and Off-Broadway.  He then began focusing on television and film, building a resume filled with an impressive list leading roles.

The son of internationally renowned dancer and choreographer Ziva Cohen, Yuval was raised in an artistic home. Having the dance background, fused with his athleticism and sports experience, gives Yuval a heightened physical vocabulary.  His physical awareness and prowess is evident in the way he uses his entire instrument, his body, in creating and exploring his characters.

Yuval began training in the performing arts at a young age, and focused on acting in addition to dance and clowning.  Today, with his experience in dance and physical theatre, he incorporates his agility in playing roles with intuition and sensitivity.

Since early childhood he knew he would become an actor. He made the realization while in nursery school when his parents took him to see Lily Tomlin in her one-woman show “The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe.” His parents recall him being amazed that the job of this woman on stage was to use her imagination and play all while getting an audience full of people to react together.

Growing up in Washington, D.C., in a cultural family with friends from around the globe, Yuval not only speaks various languages, but he developed a magnified awareness of people and humanity. His family tells stories of how he would put on shows for them, and imitate their friends with surprising attention to movement, intonation and accents.

His extraordinary ability to do virtually all accents leads him to play characters from around the globe.  Yuval is widely known for being a brilliant voice talent, doing accents and character voices, as well as subtle adjustments in the way he uses his voice in every role.

Yuval has consistently received accolades for his performances.  This has been the case since his beginnings in regional theaters, Broadway, Off-Broadway, and has continued in his performances in film and television.  Early in his career, Yuval was awarded the Maryland Distinguished Scholar in the Talent of the Arts and the University of Maryland Creative and Performing Arts scholarships.

He has built credits, performing in theatre, film, television, commercials and voice-overs. Yuval currently spends his time between New York and Los Angeles.