Workshops / Coaching

Yuval David entertains, uplifts, and inspires audiences, clients, and students as he speaks and leads workshops.  He facilitates workshop sessions, leading his clients and students toward building and enhancing awareness, growth, and empowerment.  As a celebrated and well respected actor and host, Yuval is known for his performances and appearances in television, film, theatre, and web.  With extensive experience and training, Yuval uses his mastery as an actor to work with people on how they present themselves in professional and personal environments.  Using the concepts developed through performance and self-branding, his clients and students come away with more self-awareness, focus on their goals, and self-confidence in how they present themselves.  Yuval teaches classes and workshops to actors and performers, in addition to those within business, legal, financial, political, and educational careers.


As a motivational speaker, Yuval speaks about the importance of identity and connecting with pride and confidence to each element of one’s identity.  Yuval often speaks about self-empowerment, self-improvement, and self-expression, as elements of exploring all life has to offer and creating more to offer in life.  Yuval lives by his life philosophies, such as

“live the life of the loving adventurer, where love is not just an emotion, it is a state of being, and everything is an adventure.”  He also lives by his mantra, “to entertain, uplift, and inspire,” which he does by motivating and inspiring people, all while charming them into creating, pursuing, sharing, and joining the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual journey of life’s adventure.  Yuval often speaks about social action, art initiatives, creativity and productivity, presentation as performance, acting, the power of charm, and inspiration from inspiration.  He also speaks on topics artistic spirituality and content creation, in addition to Jewish, Israeli, American, Holocaust, LGBTQ, and community issues.